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Register Your Competition

The aim of AllEntries is to make life just that little bit easier. This goes for competition organisers as well as athletes!

To register your competition on AllEntries, all we need is some basic information.

We are currently writing a handy form for you to fill in but until the upgrade comes online - you get to email us instead!

OK so we need:

1) The Competition name.
2) The date of the competition (if its over a weekend then we need to know!)
3) The competition venue and postcode
4) The format of the competition. EG 1 Round of Poules followed by Direct Elimination
5) Entry fee and late entry fee
6) Closing Date
7) Age restriction eg: Fencers must be 13 years of age on the 1st January 2017
8) Prizes

Then we need the weapon details.

1) What weapons you are running
2) What date they are on
3) the entry limit
4) Time Check-in CLOSES

Finally a bit of Administration.

1) A PayPal address to send the funds to or Bank details
2) Contact email addresses
3) Contact phone numbers etc.

And that's pretty much it!

Email that lot to and we will get you online and accepting entries before you can get a kiwi to say "Decking" :D

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