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Yorkshire Youth League - Sheffield Leg 2019

Sun 09th June 2019


Sunday 9th of June 2019
Weapon Check-In ClosesMax Entry Entries
Girls u12 Foil 08:5030 3
Boys u12 Foil 08:5030 7
Girls u16 Foil 10:3030 0
Girls u10 Foil 10:3030 2
Boys u16 Foil 10:3030 0
Boys u10 Foil 10:3030 5
Girls u16 Epee 11:0030 1
Girls u14 Epee 11:0030 1
Girls u12 Epee 11:0030 2
Girls u10 Epee 11:0030 0
Boys u16 Epee 11:0030 1
Boys u14 Epee 11:0030 1
Boys u12 Epee 11:0030 1
Boys u10 Epee 11:0030 1
Girls u14 Foil 12:4530 3
Boys u14 Foil 12:4530 10
Girls u16 Sabre 14:0030 0
Girls u14 Sabre 14:0030 1
Girls u12 Sabre 14:0030 2
Boys u16 Sabre 14:0030 0
Boys u14 Sabre 14:0030 0
Boys u12 Sabre 14:0030 2

Venue: Penistone Grammar School
Huddersfield Road,
S Yorks
S36 7BX
Date: Sun 09th June 2019

1 or 2 rounds of poules followed by direct elimination

Entry Fee: £15.00
Closing Date: Sat 08th June 2019
Age: Fencers must be under the specified age category as at the 1st January 2019
Prizes: medals for the top 4 in each category

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Further Information

Fencers must be under the age category as at 1st January 2019 e.g. for U10 the fencer must be 9 or younger as at 1st January 2018.

All under 10 fencers should use a size 0 blade. Size 3 foils should be used for the under 12 and under 14 foil events, size 2 for the under 14 Epee and Sabre events.
Fencers may enter this league if they fence in the Yorkshire, North West, North East or East Midlands Regions.

British Fencing Association 'Compete' membership is required, The competition is run under BFA guidelines.

Full kit, including plastron, must be worn. Tracksuit bottoms must have zipped or taped pockets.

There with be a full range of refreshments available.

Clubs entering 4 or more fencers are kindly asked to provide a referee.

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