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Yorkshire Region BYC Qualifiers 2019

Sun 17th March 2019


Sunday 17th of March 2019
Weapon Check-In ClosesMax Entry Entries
Girls Sabre U14 08:50100 0
Girls Sabre U12 08:50100 1
Girls Sabre U10 08:50100 0
Girls Foil U18 08:50100 2
Girls Foil U16 08:50100 1
Boys Sabre U14 08:50100 1
Boys Sabre U12 08:50100 1
Boys Sabre U10 08:50100 1
Boys Foil U18 08:50100 7
Boys Foil U16 08:50100 7
Girls Foil U14 09:45100 2
Boys Foil U14 09:45100 7
Girls Foil U10 10:30100 2
Boys Foil U10 10:30100 4
Girls Sabre U18 11:00100 2
Girls Sabre U16 11:00100 1
Boys Sabre U18 11:00100 2
Boys Sabre U16 11:00100 2
Girls Foil U12 12:30100 5
Boys Foil U12 12:30100 7
Girls Epee U18 14:30100 1
Girls Epee U16 14:30100 4
Girls Epee U14 14:30100 1
Girls Epee U12 14:30100 1
Girls Epee U10 14:30100 0
Boys Epee U18 14:30100 3
Boys Epee U16 14:30100 4
Boys Epee U14 14:30100 3
Boys Epee U12 14:30100 3
Boys Epee U10 14:30100 0

Venue: Penistone Grammar School
Huddersfield Road,
South Yorkshire
S36 7BX
Date: Sun 17th March 2019

Entry Fee: £30.00
Under 10 - £20.00 (Use discount code YU10 if entering u10 event)
All others - £30.00 plus £10 all qualified fencers
(remaining £10 must be paid in cash or check on 17th March)
Closing Date: Thu 14th March 2019
Age: See below
Prizes: Top 4 in each category

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Further Information

Years of birth for this season are:
U12 - Born 2007 or 2008
U14 - Born 2005 or 2006
U16 - Born 2003 or 2004
U18 - Born 2001 or 2002
Fencers may only enter the Regional event in the Region they have specified on their British Fencing Membership. Fencers may only fence in one qualifying event in one region per season. Fencers must be UK residents. Entries to BYC will only be accepted via the Regions.

Competition Information:
In the U10 and U12 events the DE fights are to 10 hits in 3 bouts of 2 minutes with a gap of 1 minute. In the U14, U16, U18 events the DE fights are to 15 hits in 3 bouts of 3 minutes with a gap of 1 minute. All pool fights will be to five hits and last 3 minutes.
Masks must have a back strap and be in good condition. Plastrons must be worn and gloves must overlap the sleeve. Any fencer using a size five blade will be expected to be wearing an 800 Newton plastron and also 350 Newton breeches. Note that for the BYC finals qualifiers will be expected to have full kit. All sabre fencers are expected to have a glove that conforms to the new FIE specification of 800 Newton.

Important information:
The top FOUR fencers in each of the events will qualify to enter the National finals which will take place at The English Institute of Sport, Sheffield on 4-5-6 May 2019. Details of when the finals are to be held are outlined on British Fencing website. Any fencer who reached the last 8 in their event at last year’s BYC Finals may claim a bye in this year’s finals in the same weapon regardless of age group. FENCERS CLAIMING A BYE MUST ENTER THE REGIONAL QUALIFYING COMPETITION, but do not need to fence. Wherever they finish in the Regional Competition they will qualify for the finals event in ADDITION to the number of qualifiers calculated.

Under 10 Events:
The under 10 events are not linked to the BYC national finals. Fencers who wish to enter the national under 10 finals can do so via British Fencing.

Important notes

Your email address may be used to keep you informed about this event and future Yorkshire Fencing events.

Photographs or video may be taken by the organisers for publicity purposes.

You agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to any governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club/home country/regional/county affiliation, results, age category, penalties.

You also agree that in the event of a disciplinary or welfare incident that you are either involved in or witness, we may pass on your personal information to British Fencing or any other relevant Authorities for the purposes of supporting any investigatory activity into that incident.

I accept, as parent/guardian of the above that the organisers and venue will not be held responsible for any loss damage or accident to competitors, spectators or equipment sustained at the competition. I further agree to abide by the decisions of the organising committee.

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