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The Youth Series #2 - Liverpool

Sun 27th June 2021


The second of our 2021 Youth Series events.

Separate TYS ranking points awarded to competitors and their clubs.

Medals are awarded to the top 4 places in each category and a plaque for the winner.

Overall series winners who attend and compete in The Youth Series finals will receive a trophy and cash prize.

The club with the highest number of points after TYS finals will receive £500

Sunday 27th of June 2021
Weapon Check-In ClosesMax Entry Entries
Epee U17 Girls 09:0018 17
Epee U17 Boys 09:0018 18
Sabre U14 Girls 09:3018 2
Sabre U14 Boys 09:3018 3
Foil U14 Girls 11:0018 5
Foil U14 Boys 11:0018 6
Foil U17 Girls 12:0018 8
Foil U17 Boys 12:0018 10
Foil U10 Girls 12:0018 0
Foil U10 Boys 12:0018 3
Sabre U12 Girls 12:3018 2
Sabre U12 Boys 12:3018 2
Sabre U10 Girls 12:3018 2
Sabre U10 Boys 12:3018 1
Sabre U17 Girls 13:0018 1
Sabre U17 Boys 13:0018 1
Epee U14 Girls 13:0018 8
Epee U14 Boys 13:0018 4
Epee U12 Girls 13:0018 2
Epee U12 Boys 13:0018 4
Epee U10 Girls 13:0018 0
Epee U10 Boys 13:0018 1
Foil U12 Girls 14:0018 2
Foil U12 Boys 14:0018 2

Venue: LC Sports within Liverpool College
Queens Drive,
Mossley Hill
L18 8BG
Date: Sun 27th June 2021

Format may change on the day depending on entry numbers

Entry Fee: £18
Closing Date: Sat 26th June 2021
Age: Age categories apply
Prizes: top 4 in each category
Organiser: Keith McCarthy

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Further Information

AgeBlade SizePoule fightsDirect Elimination
Under 1000052min103x2min
Under 1232253min103x2min
Under 1432253min153x2min
Under 1755553min153x3min

1 or 2 rounds of poules followed by direct elimination.

u10, u12, u14, u17
Fencing out of age group is not permitted

u10, u12, u14: Minimum Level 1 350N jacket, breeches, plastron and mask with 350n bib and mask wires .
Fencing socks
Chest protector compulsary for girls and highly recommended for boys.

u17 as above but must wear an 800n plastron and have a conductive bib.
Spare weapons and wires must be brought to the pisteside when fighting.

Organiser email:

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