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The Youth Series #2 - Harrogate

Sat 29th February 2020


The 2nd Youth Series event over in Yorkshire.

Nominated for England Fencing international ranking points.
Nominated for Welsh Fencing international ranking points.

Separate TYS ranking points awarded to competitors and their clubs.

Medals are awarded to the top 4 places in each category and a plaque for the winner.

Overall series winners who attend and compete in The Youth Series finals will receive a trophy and cash prize.

The club with the highest number of points after TYS finals will receive 500

Saturday 29th of February 2020
Weapon Check-In ClosesMax Entry Entries
Epee U17 Girls 09:00100 5
Epee U17 Boys 09:00100 7
Epee U14 Girls 09:00100 2
Epee U14 Boys 09:00100 3
Epee U12 Girls 09:00100 2
Epee U12 Boys 09:00100 2
Epee U10 Girls 09:00100 1
Epee U10 Boys 09:00100 2
Foil U17 Girls 11:00100 3
Foil U17 Boys 11:00100 11
Foil U14 Girls 11:00100 6
Foil U14 Boys 11:00100 14
Foil U12 Girls 11:00100 8
Foil U12 Boys 11:00100 10
Foil U10 Girls 11:00100 0
Foil U10 Boys 11:00100 6
Sabre U17 Girls 12:30100 4
Sabre U17 Boys 12:30100 2
Sabre U14 Girls 12:30100 2
Sabre U14 Boys 12:30100 9
Sabre U12 Girls 12:30100 4
Sabre U12 Boys 12:30100 5
Sabre U10 Girls 12:30100 2
Sabre U10 Boys 12:30100 5

Venue: Ashville College Sports Centre
Yew Tree Lane,
Date: Sat 29th February 2020

Format may change on the day depending on entry numbers but looking to do 2 rounds of poules followed by direct elimination

Entry Fee: £15
Closing Date: Wed 26th February 2020
Age: Age categories apply
Prizes: top 4 in each category
Organiser: TYS

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Further Information

AgeBlade SizePoule fightsDirect Elimination
Under 1000052min103x2min
Under 1232253min103x2min
Under 1432253min153x2min
Under 1755553min153x3min

1 or 2 rounds of poules followed by direct elimination.

u10, u12, u14, u17
Fencing out of age group is not permitted

u10, u12, u14: Minimum Level 1 350N jacket, breeches, plastron and mask with 350n bib and mask wires .
Fencing socks
Chest protector compulsary for girls and highly recommended for boys.

u17 as above but must wear an 800n plastron and have a conductive bib.
Spare weapons and wires must be brought to the pisteside when fighting.

There will be an equipment stand at the event supplied by Excalibur Sports
See their website

The centre has an armoury area and will have an armourer there on the day

We have a pop up cafe on site for hot and cold drinks plus sandwiches and cake

An online entry system for Athletes and Organisers