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The Big Bash @ TMFC

Sat 25th January 2020


The Big Bash is a unique team event.
Teams of 9 fencers; 3 foil, 3 sabre and 3 epee of mixed gender if you wish.

Mixed gender, mixed weapons

Teams fight to 30 points so 6 fights for each weapon but the running total is not revealed until the end of the competition (yes you could keep a tally as you go along but that's not really in the spirit of it!).

The team with the most points overall wins.
In the event of a tie, 1 fencer from each team is nominated to fence 3 fights - 1 foil, 1 sabre and 1 epee to determine a winner!

To enter your team, please enter people individually on the main form and we will sort teams out from there!
Maximum 9 people, minimum 6!

Saturday 25th of January 2020
Weapon Check-In ClosesMax Entry Entries
Mixed Sabre 10:00100 8
Mixed Foil 10:00100 3
Mixed Epee 10:00100 8

Venue: The Manchester Fencing Centre
Unit 26 Osborne Mill
Busk Road
Date: Sat 25th January 2020

Entry Fee: £10
Closing Date: Sat 18th January 2020

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Further Information

All fencers must be members of British Fencing. The Big Bash will be a recreational event.

Spot prizes for good sportsmanship, good hits or random daftness as deemed by the organisers will be given out throughout the day.

Food will be available throughout the day with a distinctly Northern feel - we don't know what that is but we will figure it out, it probably includes Vimto.....

All proceeds from the Big Bash will be put into development of the Manchester Fencing Centre as a national and international venue for our awesome sport.

We will be asking for referees on a voluntary basis but will happily keep them full of cake and coffee throughout the day.

The big bash is a fun competition for all and we hope you will join us in the new year fun!

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