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Entries to date - Nottingham Junior and Cadet Foil BRC

Cadet Boys Foil

# CTRY Name Club
1 GBR Keir Adeleke Newham Swords Fencing Club
2 GB Ali Al-mohsin Salle Paul
3 GB Julian Amore Zfw Fencing Club
4 GBR Duncan Ashby St Benedict's
5 GBR Rhys Barbour West Fife Fencing Club
6 GB Samuel Blair Louth
7 GB Joseph Blair Louth
8 GBR Jamie Briggs Crawley Sword Club
9 GBR Alexander Brincklow Cads
10 GBR Brandon Brittain Sale Boston
11 GBR Wilf Broughton Louth Fencing Club
12 GB Tiger Campbell-yates Fencers Club London
13 GB Indio Campbell-yates Fencers Club London
14 GBR Max Chillingworth Radcliffe Sword Club
15 GBR Edward Christophers Fighting Fit Fencing
16 GB Eurig Colville Cads And Ipswich
17 GBR Jaimie Cook Salle Holyrood Fencing Club
18 GBR Angus Crawford Salle Holyrood
19 GBR Alexander Culkin Salle Paul
20 GBR Dylan Daniel Zfw Fencing Club
21 GB Conor Dixon Radcliffe Sword Club
22 GB James Dolan Fencers Club London
23 GBR Joe Donaghue Zfw
24 GBR Jack Elsworth Brentwood School
25 GBR Cameron Evans Zfw
26 GB Rocco Fuschillo Zfw
27 GBR Macsen Gravelle Russell Swords
28 GB Harry Gray Chichester Fencing Club
29 GBR Oliver Harrison Gravesham Fencing Club
30 GB Joshua Hemmings Radcliffe Sword Club
31 GBR Jake Hurst Millfield
32 GB Lachlan Jarvie Eltham College Fencing Club
33 GBR Maxwell Jones Cobham Fencing Club
34 GB Dawood Khan Salle Boston
35 GBR James Kloss Russell Swords
36 GB Shalang Kolas Salle Boston
37 GBR Philip Lappas-neumann Camden Fencing Club
38 FR Alexis Lauga Cambridge Sword
39 FR William Lauga Cambridge Sword
40 GB William Lonsdale Louth Fencing Club
41 GBR Evan Lowman Fencers Club London
42 GBR Daniel Magor Laszloâ??s
43 GBR Joseph Mcdonald St Benedict's
44 GBR Alek Miltchin Fighting Fit Fencing
45 GBR James Edward Moore Salle Scipanovs
46 GBR Callum Penman Salle Holyrood
47 GB Oscar Plant Millfield
48 GB Michael Ramage Salle Holyrood Fencing Club
49 GBR Joseph Rance Cads
50 GBR Rafael Rhys Pollitt Fencers Club London
51 GB Francesco Roccato Eltham College Fencing Club
52 GBR Dominic Sampson Kenilworth Sword
53 GBR Edward Scott Payne Leon Paul Epee
54 GB Ben Simmonds Wycliffe College
55 GB Caspar Soyoye Fcl London
56 GBR Gabriel Steele Salle Holyrood Fencing Club
57 GBR Ethan Steer Russell Swords
58 GBR Dario Stenbeck-schiavo Zfw Fencing Club
59 GBR Oliver Strange Salle Paul Foil
60 GB Nye Ulferts Kilpatrick Salle Holyrood Fencing Club
61 GBR Nicholas Williams Nottingham Cavaliers
62 GBR David Williams Millfield
63 GBR Ethan Zazo Zfw Fencing Club

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