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Entries to date - Alice Ruggles Memorial Competition

Men's Epee

# CTRY Name Club
1 GBR Idiris Ali Leon Paul Epee
2 GB Jeremy Baker Leon Paul Epee
3 GB Roberto Balbontin Leon Paul Epee
4 GB Oliver Bradley Sutton Coldfield Fc
5 GB Jason Brodie Northampton Fencing Club
6 GBR Tom Chrisp Dea
7 GBR David Clewett University Of Nottingham
8 GBR Matthew Dalton N/a
9 GBR William Dawson Northampton Fencing Club
10 GB Alistair Delboyer Radcliffe Sword Club
11 GB Timothy Devenport Ursa Fencing
12 GBR George Dunmow Leon Paul Epee
13 GBR Pete Eames Leon Paul Epee
14 GBR Samuel Ewart Dea
15 GB Joshua Fielding Dea
16 GBR William Garbutt Northampton Fencing Club
17 GBR Jack Gillard Chilwell Blades
18 GBR Richard Hall Ursa Fencing
19 GBR Darryl Hazlewood Frisby Fencers
20 GBR Philip Huard University Of Leicester
21 GBR Zeeshan Iqbal Gmf
22 GBR Levi Johnson Northampton
23 GB Mark Lauchlan Leon Paul Epee
24 GB Lawrence Lee Stockport Sword Club
25 GBR Peter Lennard Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
26 GB Ching Ho Li Durham University Fencing Club
27 GBR Sean May Chilwell Blades
28 GBR Daniel May Chilwell Blades
29 GBR Connor Mcgee
30 GBR David Neve Royal Air Force
31 GBR Rob Noble Ops Epee Club
32 GBR Okan Onay Reading Fencing Club
33 GBR George Partridge Ops Epee Club
34 GBR Keith Phillips Ursa Fencing
35 GB Luke Rees Nottingham Cavaliers
36 US Michael Robinson Ops Epee
37 BR Luiz Sant' Anna Sant' Anna Life Quality
38 GB Paul Sibert University Of Nottingham
39 GBR Luke Silver Unaffiliated
40 GBR Tristan Spicer Team Newcastle
41 GB Max Telfer Dea
42 GBR Julian Williams Milton Keynes
43 GBR Paul Willmott Northampton
44 GBR Mark Wilson Milton Keynes
45 GBR Liam Winstanley Team Newcastle
46 GBR Mark Wood Wrekin Sword

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