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North East Region BYC Qualifiers 2018

Sat 24th February 2018


This competition is to select fencers for the British Youth Championships final taking place at the EIS in Sheffield, on 5th to 7th May 2017. Those who finish in the top 4 of these Regional Qualifiers will be entered by the North East and will represent that Region nationally.

Fencers can enter the Regional Qualifier if they are not intending to qualify for the finalā??s but you must declare this on your entry. All fencers who have entered the Qualifier must be available to fence on the day or their entry may be disqualified.

Saturday 24th of February 2018
Weapon Check-In ClosesMax Entry Entries
Girls u18 Sabre TBC100 0
Girls u18 Foil TBC100 2
Girls u18 Epee TBC100 0
Girls u16 Sabre TBC100 0
Girls u16 Foil TBC100 2
Girls u16 Epee TBC100 5
Girls u14 Sabre TBC100 2
Girls u14 Foil TBC100 2
Girls u14 Epee TBC100 2
Girls u12 Sabre TBC100 0
Girls u12 Foil TBC100 2
Girls u12 Epee TBC100 2
Boys u18 Sabre TBC100 2
Boys u18 Foil TBC100 5
Boys u18 Epee TBC100 3
Boys u16 Sabre TBC100 0
Boys u16 Foil TBC100 6
Boys u16 Epee TBC100 3
Boys u14 Sabre TBC100 1
Boys u14 Foil TBC100 2
Boys u14 Epee TBC100 4
Boys u12 Sabre TBC100 0
Boys u12 Foil TBC100 4
Boys u12 Epee TBC100 2

Venue: Newcastle Fencing Centre
Unit 3,
Benfield Business Park,
Benfield Rd,
Date: Sat 24th February 2018

1 Round of Poules, all promoted, followed by Direct Elimination.

Entry Fee: £27 (Late entries £32 at organisers' discretion)
Closing Date: Fri 16th February 2018
Age: See details below
Prizes: Top 4
Organiser: Beth Davidson, NE Fencing Development Officer, 45 Haughton Green, Darlington. DL1 2DD


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Further Information

N.B. Fencers who have an automatic BYE to the 2018 BYC finals MUST enter their Regional Qualifier or they will not be allowed to compete! If you do not want to compete in the Regional Qualifier please make this clear on your entry form!

• Must be resident in the North East Region or a member of a North East fencing club
• Member of British Fencing on the day of Regional Qualifier and Finals

Years of birth for this season are:
• U12 - Born 2006 or 2007
• U14 - Born 2004 or 2005
• U16 - Born 2002 or 2003
• U18 - Born 2000 or 2001
• Fencers must be UK residents.

• In the U12 & U14 Competitions, the maximum blade sizes are:
Foil - size 3,
Epee - size 2
Sabre - size 2.

• In the U16 & U18 Foil Events size 5 blades will be used throughout, and lame bibs and mask wires will be required [British Fencing Kit Requirements]
• In the U16 & U18 Sabre events, 800N gloves will be necessary.

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