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Entries to date - Hamlet Open Sabre

Mens Sabre

# CTRY Name Club
1 GB Folayemi Akinyosoye Brentwood School Fencing Club
2 GB Samuel Allen Truro Fencing Club
3 GBR Mark Alvares-peres Salle Ossian
4 GBR James Anderson Sancroft Blades
5 GBR Louis Bedford Shakespeare's Swords
6 GB Adrian Bedford Shakespeare's Swords
7 GBR Samuel Boorne Truro Fencing Club
8 GB Alexander Boote Truro Fencing Club
9 GBR Stan Bowley Skipton
10 GBR Toby Carter Salle Ossian Fencing Club
11 GB Michael Compton Cotswold Fencing Club
12 GBR Jamie Craze Truro
13 GBR Liam Croft Birmingham Fencing Club
14 GBR Max Cromie Truro Fencing Club
15 GBR Harry Cummins Guernsey Fencing Academy
16 GBR Jordan Daniels Stourbridge
17 GBR Marius Dobel-ober 3 Blades
18 GBR Kieran Dowse Mx Fencing
19 GB Oliver Edwardes Shakespeare's Swords
20 GBR James Edwards Marshall Fencing Club
21 GBR William Firth Guernsey Fencing Academy
22 GBR Alex Foster Exeter City Fencing Club
23 GBR Sam Freeman Salle Ossian
24 GBR Charles Gellett Mx Fencing
25 GBR Samuel Gibbs Camden Fencing Club
26 GBR Samuel Godbehere Stourbridge
27 GBR Olympios Gougoulias Shakespeare Swords
28 GBR Bryn Guy Leicester Fencing Club
29 GBR Barnaby Halliwell Shakespeares Swords
30 GBR Zachary Hamilton Shakespeare‚??s Swords
31 GB Daithi Harkin Mr
32 GBR Luke Haynes Truro Fencing Club
33 GBR Darcy Holdsworth Truro Fencing Club
34 GBR Bertie Holdsworth Truro Fencing Club
35 GBR Nicholas Howes Truro Fencing Club
36 IE Michael Jacob Mx Fencing
37 GB Loek Janssen Camden Fencing Club
38 GBR William Jolley Shakespeares Swords
39 GBR Artem Khovanov Shakespeare's Swords
40 BG Georgi Koyrushki Camden Fencing Club
41 GB Ben Laker Marshall Fencing Club
42 GBR Alexander Le Maitre Guernsey Fencing Academy
43 GBR James Le Maitre Guernsey Fencing Academy
44 GBR Stefan Leponis Stockport
45 GBR Christian Lindsay Camden Fencing Club
46 GBR Benjamin Lindsay Camden Fencing Club
47 GB Ethan Llewellyn Sancroft Blades
48 GB Gregory Lloyd Russell Swords
49 GBR Josh Elliot Loveday Leicester University
50 GBR Mckenzie Malkin Marshall Fencing Club
51 GBR James Martin Mx Fencing
52 GBR Josh Maxwell Truro Fencing Club
53 GB David Mcdougall Camden Fencing Club
54 GBR Alex Mcdougall Mx Fencing
55 GBR Rory Mclellan Salle Ossian
56 GB Ben Mills Guernsey Fencing Academy
57 GB Roman Norris Truro Fencing Club
58 GBR Edward Phillips Birmingham Fencing Club
59 GBR Lucas Pons Ramon Millfield School
60 GBR Steve Pope Camden Fencing Club
61 GBR James Potter Camden Fencing Club
62 GBR Nathan Potter Camden Fencing Club
63 GB Jack Preston-cowell Camden Fencing Club
64 US Amir Rahimi Camden Fencing Club
65 GB Ian Ren Leon Paul Sabre
66 GBR Julian Richards Ll Marshall Fencing Club
67 GBR Ewan Robertson Salle Ossian
68 GB Brynmor Saunders Leon Paul Sabre
69 GBR Jack Stamper-watling Bath Sword Club
70 GBR Drew Thornley Marshall Fencing Club
71 GB Daniel Twine Activ8
72 GBR Alexander Varley Guernsey Fencing Academy
73 GBR Adam Waller Ridings Sabre Club
74 GBR Henry Wallis Camden Fencing Club
75 GB Archie Watt Shakespeare's Swords
76 GB Caspian Watt Shakespeare's Swords
77 GBR Sam Westwell Russell Swords
78 HK Ching Pok Wong Truro Fencing Club

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