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Entries to date - Newcastle U20 Foil BRC

Girls Foil

# CTRY Name Club
1 GBR Charlotte Club Escrime Winchester
2 GBR Seville Babaeva Fencers Club London
3 GBR Arianna Balestrieri Millfield School
4 GBR Madeleine Brown Laszlos
5 GBR Alice Campbell Newham Swords Fencing Club
6 GB Yasmin Campbell Unaffiliated
7 GBR Becci Curwen Millfield School
8 GB Bethany Ellis Wrekin Swords
9 GB Chloe Fielding West Fife Fencing Club / Wffc
10 GB Bronwen Granville Bath Sword Club
11 GBR Heloise Hardie Fighting Fit Fencing
12 GBR Heulwen Hill Russell Swords
13 GBR Amy Home Salle Kiss Fencing Club
14 GBR Phoebe Hughes Laszlos
15 GB Rachel Jones Salle Kiss Fencing Club0
16 GBR Tegan Mccallum Laszlo's
17 GBR Mhairi Mclaughlin Salle Holyrood Fencing Club
18 GBR Phoebe Newton-hughes Sheffield Buccaneers/salle Kiss
19 GBR Serena Patel Aldershot Fencing Club
20 GBR Sophie Peake Herefordshire Fencing Club
21 GBR Eden Steele Liverpool University
22 GBR Alice Watson Herefordshire Fencing Club
23 GBR Sydney Williams-howe Salle Kiss
24 GBR Lucy-belle Williamson Sheffield Buccaneers

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