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Entries to date - Alice Ruggles Memorial Competition

Men's Epee

# CTRY Name Club
1 GBR Issa Alani Southampton Epee
2 GBR Malcolm Allton Frisby Fencers
3 GBR Kola Ayanwale Leon Paul Epee
4 GBR Simon Blackwell Loughborough University
5 GBR Andrew Brown Bedford
6 GB David Burnside Cambridge University Fencing Club
7 GB Jonathan Burnside Ulster University
8 GBR Patrick Carey Mansfield Fencing Club
9 GBR Edward Christie University Of Nottingham
10 GBR Matthew Dalton Bedford
11 GB Jack Davis
12 GB Timothy Devenport University Of Leicester
13 GBR Matthew Duggan University Of Leicester Fencing Club
14 GB Andrew Dunkley Woodhouse Eaves Fencing Club
15 GBR Janic Eberhard Oxford University Fencing Club
16 GBR Phil Elliott Camden
17 GB Will Gallimore-tallen Four Of Clubs
18 SK Jan Gerboc Derbyshire Epee Academy
19 GBR Mark Globe Liverpool University
20 GBR Sean Grundy Radcliffe Sword Club
21 GBR Harry Gulliver Four Of Clubs
22 GBR Richard Hall Ursa Fencing
23 GB Benjamin Hart University Of Leicester
24 GBR Darryl Hazlewood Frisby Fencers
25 IE Michael Jacob Mx Fencing
26 GBR Levi Johnson Northampton Fencing Club
27 GBR Matt Keppie Derbyshire Epee Academy
28 GB Max Kurz Jordan Leon Paul Epee
29 GBR Ching Ho Li Durham University Fencing Club
30 GBR Kai-ming Kevin Liang University Of Liverpool Fencing Club
31 GBR Joshua Elliot Loveday University Of Leicester Fencing Club
32 GB Barnaby Malaj University Of Nottingham
33 GBR Anthony Marsh University Of Nottingham
34 GB Sean May Chilwell Blades
35 GBR Connor Mcgee University Of Nottingham
36 GBR Lewis Mcintyre Four Of Clubs
37 GBR Joshua Mitchell Shakespeare’s Swords
38 GBR Finn Noble Ops Épée
39 GBR Rob Noble Ops Épée
40 GB Will Osborne Evesham / Kidderminster
41 GBR Harry Palmer Leicester Fencing Club
42 GBR George Partridge Bedford Fc
43 GBR Tim Pearce Wrekin Sword
44 GBR Laurence Peplow Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
45 RO Madalin Popescu Stratford Fencing Club
46 GBR Jonathan Purcell University Of Liverpool Fencing Club
47 GBR Edward Sage University Of Liverpool Fencing Club
48 GBR Harry Sansom Leicester University
49 GB Ian Scott Radcliffe Sword Club
50 GB Benjamin Shepherd Bristol Fencing Club
51 GBR Paul Sibert University Of Nottingham
52 IE Jamie Simpson University Of Warwick
53 GBR Tristan Spicer Team Newcastle
54 GBR Felix Sudderick Liverpool University
55 GBR Ian Toplis Foiled Again
56 GBR Shakespeare Vallecer London Fencig Club
57 GBR Ev Van Gemeren Wingerworth Fencing Club
58 GBR Paul Willmott Northampton Fencing Club

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